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Chicago Tribune on Weblogs

While trying to find the recent article (12/28/00) that was written in the NY Times about Blogger, I came across an article in the Chicago Tribune from over a year ago touting weblogs as the next great genre of the literary world.

Because I’m new to the weblog phenomenon I like the history that the Tribune article gives me. Plus they sum weblogs up pretty nicely in my opinion.

“At their best, Weblogs are both content providers and context providers for the mass of information available on the Web. At their worst, they’re exercises in vanity, giving us the illusion that we’ve done something valuable by copying and pasting a link.”

I don’t know what people consider this site, probably both, but more the former than the latter. Oh well, it’s still pretty darn fun either way.

Originally published on Thursday January 4, 2001 at 12:49 am

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