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Web Application Woas

I’ve just recently started to work on a web application project with a friend and ironically I came across Mistakes Were Made today.

The question of taking the chance of writing a useful piece of software, and having the gusto to offer it as a free service, makes me have second thoughts. I would like to think that even if we get as far as having a prototype, that we would be ready to take the full responsibility.

Everyone talks about the sense of online “community”, and although I’ve seen the effects of this, I can’t say that I’ve been much of a participant. I’m one of the lurkers. I consume much more than I produce. Actually, I feel quite guilty about that. It may be one of the reasons that I enjoying keeping this weblog. I would like to be more of an active participant. I want to build something.

Originally published on Tuesday January 9, 2001 at 11:29 pm

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