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Is It Time To Switch?

I really need to change the way my weblog works. When the month ends, it looks like the user has made some mistake if I don’t create a new post right away. That is some bad usability. That’s what I get for creating my own weblogging tool. If I would have just used a tool like blogger, movable type, or greymatter then it probably wouldn’t have happend.

Sorry everyone. I’ll try harder next time.

Originally published on Tuesday April 2, 2002 at 4:17 pm

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aaron, i thought about creating my own "blogware" with php, but couldn't find the time. movabletype 2.0 looks cool so i think i'll check it out. catch ya later!

wasted (aka pat) said this 19 years ago §

why does a new month automatically constitute a new page? why not only change the calendar, (and the page itself), according to the most recent post?

(incedentally, the footer could always rest under the nav on the right, no?)

p auL said this 19 years ago §

all very good questions p auL, but i'm lazy. I've said that before on here... The first thing I'll fix is the footer problem. I think a simple <br style="clear : both" /> should fix it. Then I'll change the date handling month switcher thing. That will take a little more thought, but I like your idea. Thanks.

aaron said this 19 years ago §

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