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Arizona Update #3

Well, it’s been a great week so far in Tuscon. We’ve stayed busy by going to the university (several times), visiting a few local high schools, talking with a real estate agent and driving through many neighborhoods. We also went bouldering at Gates Pass and the local climbing gym.

Visiting the awe inspiring Kartchner Caverns has been the highlight of the vacation so far. It was incredible. Much better than our experience with Mammoth Caves.

Tomorrow we are heading to the White mountains for a weekend trip with Steve, Debbie and their two dogs. We are lucky to be going since much of the state’s national forest has been closed due to severe drought and fires. The Catalina mountains, just north of Tucson, just had 30,000+ acres destroyed in a fire, which is really sad. It seems to be a favorite getaway for many Tucson people.

Jenny and I have been getting up early so that we can do any outdoor activities before 9:00am. By 2:00pm today, the temperature hit 107°. Too damn hot to do anything outside. But it is a dry heat.

I’m still surfing the web when I get the chance, and Jenny and I are reading the last Harry Potter book to each other during any down time. I read Ayn Rand’s “Anthem” in a few hours. It’s a short book, but like her other longer novels, it has the same theme of pro-individualism / anti-collectivism. This one was specifically interesting to me because she used a futuristic time and interesting literary technique to get her point across. The society in the book had forgotten/banned the use of the word “I”, and so did Ayn Rand. I liked the book and the ideas in it.

We’ll be back in Cincinnati sometime Tuesday evening. Our flight takes us to Louisville, KY with a short layover in Cincinnati (silly, but cheaper), then we have to drive back home.

Originally published on Thursday June 6, 2002 at 11:31 pm

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