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Last night we saw Tori Amos at the Taft Theater. She’s probably Jenny’s favorite musician and I like her almost as much. We both loved the concert, but there was a funky smell in the theater that bothered me during the first part of the performance.

Tori’s new album Scarlet’s Walk is one of her best yet. I can’t decide whether I like it more than “Little Earthquakes” or not, but it’s definitely very good.

Thursday of last week, we saw the Viena Boy Choir at Music Hall. All I can say is “wow, simply amazing”. Something I found pretty facinating in the program was that the choir has been in existance since 1498 and on every Sunday since then, they sing at Mass in the Imperial Chapel.

Originally published on Friday March 21, 2003 at 9:02 am

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Tori has been burning sage before each show on her Scarlet's Walk tour. The smell can be really overpowering if you're sitting near the stage. As for the album, I think it's easily her best since Boys for Pele, but I don't think it competes with Little Earthquakes or Under the Pink.

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