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The sex of your brain

Tying right into yesterday’s post, a friend sent me this interesting link to a study and test of how “male” or “female” your brain is.

My EQ and SQ scores came out to 42, and 55 respectively. According to the graph at the end of the test, I’ve got the S type brain. (Male)

The studies conclusion was pretty interesting too.

The extreme female brain (which would be at the top left of the graph) has yet to be discovered according to Baron-Cohen. The extreme male brain (bottom right of the graph) may be a manifestation of autism.

A key feature of the theory is that your sex cannot tell you which type of brain you have. Not all men have the male brain, and not all women have the female brain. The central claim of this new theory is only that on average, more males than females have a brain of type S, and more females than males have a brain of type E.

Jenny took both tests and scored 22 on the EQ, and 42 on the SQ. This proves the statement above and confirms what I’ve always said about her, “She’s not like most other women.”

Originally published on Tuesday April 29, 2003 at 11:04 pm

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