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What a “weblog” means to me

Dave Winer, a programmer, entrepreneur and prominent blogger just wrote an interesting post to his weblog called, “Citizen bloggers in New Hampshire?.”

It’s a little bit about the new weblog service that Dave’s company has setup at Harvard, and a little more about the idea that weblogs could take out the middle-men(journalist) of our current and future political arena. Dave calls this “disintermediation.” But mostly, I think it’s a good piece promoting the use of weblogs by average citizens to connect to each other. That’s a weblogs’ real power.

And to that point, I would love to hear (read) the voices of my friends and family more often, so if you’re interested in starting a weblog yourself, and you need some help/advice, I’d be glad to help. Just get in touch with me.

I’m sure some of my friends and family think I have a website because they know I build websites for a living. It’s definitely more than that. I want to talk with people, I want to have conversations. I love reading the opinions of others, whether I agree with them or not, and this site is my personal space to talk back. When I write something here, I get to pretend that it might have a tiny, tiny butterfly-wing effect on the world. It probably won’t, but I can pretend. I also get to practice my writing skills, which I hope have gotten better and not worse over the past two years.

If there’s one thing about weblogs that I really enjoy, it’s the individuality of them. They are individual voices, with individual perspectives and all the baggage that comes along with that. They aren’t finely edited pieces of journalism. They aren’t approved by committee or massaged into something ready for “public consumption”. They are much more real than that.

I know my world view from reading weblogs is very limited and it may be no better or worse than the one that I’d get from the media or professional journalists, but at least it feels better.

Originally published on Thursday May 1, 2003 at 12:39 am

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alright alright, you've convinced me... as soon as i get out o' school, one will be up... i promise. (just gotta get that whole thesis/job thing settled, then i can play. until then, work work work).

p auL said this 18 years, 4 months ago §

OK, I'll bite... if you help me with the technology, I'll do it.

David H said this 18 years, 4 months ago §

Excellent. The two people I hoped would start blogging. I'm looking forward to those future conversations on your blogs.

Aaron said this 18 years, 4 months ago §

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