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Building things in the real world

corner-shelf.jpgSpurred on by this comment from my mom, I will now attempt to explain myself and the lack of updates to this site.

Last Sunday after returning home from a wonderful hike in the Chiricahuas, I started to redesign and recode several parts of this site. By Tuesday, I had enough to reveal it, even though several sections still need to be completed. See, the problem is that I’ve recently found out something about myself that I didn’t know. I like building physical things just as much if not more than building websites.

Since purchasing our first home I’ve been spending far less time in front of the computer and much more time in front of the circular saw. Home Depot has become a second home to me. I walk around in awe at the number of tools, and materials, and ideas that are opening up to me because of this home ownership thing. It’s really quite amazing.

So far I’ve built a pair of corner shelves (yep.. that’s one up there), a shoe shelf for our closet, an overhead storage shelf for extra materials, and I’ve installed some outdoor electrical outlets. Of course, the big project was the patio. Jenny’s uncle has helped guide me through this new experience. Without his advice and help I don’t know that I would have the courage to try some of these things.

The only problem is that each project begets new projects and I’ve got to start getting serious about school and finding a job. I hope to create some doors for our shed and plant some trees in the yard before I find myself stuck in a cubicle again. I’m very glad to have had this oppurtinity over the last two months to learn this about myself. I may slow down, but I don’t think I’ll stop with the home improvement projects. Eventually, I’ll finish the rest of this site.

Originally published on Wednesday August 6, 2003 at 11:16 pm

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