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Backpacker Top Shop

A little self-promotion.

This month’s Backpacker Magazine has a new feature called “Top Shops” and Summit Hut in Tucson, AZ made the list. They point out that we have an excellent boot fitting process of which I’ve been doing a lot of lately. Feet are such strange funny things.

Personally, I’ve bought four pairs of various footwear since starting at the Hut in early November. I’m becoming a bit of a footwear connoisseur, although I don’t think I’ll ever become a pure collector.

Originally published on Thursday January 29, 2004 at 7:46 pm

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Thanks for the link! I took the foot and boot test, and went out and applied it when I bought a pair of shoe/boots for the winter. It was really helpful! I've been really wanting a pair of leather boots/shoes that I could wear with slacks in the winter, and this helped me in my selection.

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