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Open Space in Tucson

Usually Jenny writes the checks for our bills, but tonight I’m doing it. The water bill actually goes to the “City of Tucson” (water is a big deal here in the desert) and I just noticed this small bit of fine print on the bill:

The City of Tucson’s voter-approved General Plan calls for the preservation of “Open Space” to protect and enhance Tucson’s livability. Your tax-deductible voluntary contribution will help provide funding for the City to purchase and preserve undeveloped land.

If it really works the way it’s described I can’t imagine not pitching in a little bit each month. Tucson rocks.

In other news, I’m still loving my job at the “Hut” as it’s sometimes affectionately called, and my new role as a member of their web team is starting to pick up some speed.

Can you believe that 8 whole people in Tucson are interested in Meeting UP to discuss their shared interest in science fiction writer, Cory Doctorow. I hope it doesn’t fall through, I’m curious to meet these fellow Bitchun Society members.

Cory happens to be the Outreach Coordinator at the EFF. I believe the EFF to be a worthy cause, although I’m sure there are worthier. Anyway, I used a little bit of my referrer reward funds and Dreamhost’s 1-to-1 match to give the EFF some cash. If you’re a still a Dreamhost user, even after their unfortunate network outage, and you want to donate to the EFF, just go to the charity section in the panel.

I think that covers it.

Originally published on Thursday April 1, 2004 at 11:47 pm

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