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Science Fiction Museum v1.0

Jenny and I are in the midst of planning our summer vacation in the Northwest. We’ve booked flights and rented a car in Seattle, but plan on spending most of our time in Mt. Rainier, Olympic and several parks in BC, Canada.

I saw something that I think will serve as a great “rest day” from all our back-country adventures: Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. I am so looking forward to this trip.

Originally published on Thursday May 27, 2004 at 10:59 pm

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Why are we just hearing about this on this web-site? Of course, living vicariously through you two, we want to hear all! But, we're still concerned that you'll "fall-off a mountain", or "be eaten by a bear", or "die of hypotherapy"!....We hear these things everyday in the news, and although we realize that the odds are small. You and Jenny are well-educated,...but Still we worry...we love you, and worry about you. That's why we care! So have fun out in the wilderness, take your cell-phones! and live to blog another day!

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