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Good Books?

February really sucked. I feel like I’ve been sick all month, and I didn’t get nearly as much done, as I wanted to. I’m hoping that March will turn out better. I am looking forward to a mid-month-mini-vacation. The plan is to go to Gatlinburg for a long weekend with a large group of friends. If the weather is nice, Jen and I will spend most of our time hiking. We’re hoping that some friends from the group will join us.

Jen and I are still on a kick of reading books out loud to each other. Ever since our honeymoon when we first discovered the practice, we’ve devoured the Harry Potter series and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Now we’re reading Tuesdays with Morrie as it comes recommended to us from Jen’s parents. I’m not sure what we will read next. I know I’ve got a ton of books on my to-read list, but finding the right book that we both would like and can be read slowly together is tricky. If anyone has any suggestions, please comment below.

Originally published on Friday March 1, 2002 at 3:19 am

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Book Title : The God of Small Things
Author : Arundhati Roy

Since its a small book, it won't taka too long to read.

BTW, u were found to be under influence of a new super drug while attemptig ur olympic Oyutback event.

U have been unanimously disqualified ;-) Not that u ate much of the salad anyway!

Sam I am said this 19 years, 2 months ago §

Hi... I have 2 suggestions, related to each other.

Both books are relatively short novels that are written in verse; I think having the rhymes would make them fun to read out loud to each other. The first is Alexander Pushkin's great novel "Eugene Onegin" which you can find in many good English verse translations. The other is "The Golden Gate" by Vikram Seth, which is a contemporary novel -- I think it came out in the early '80's -- but Seth was reading Eugene Onegin at the time and decided to adopt Pushkin's rhyme scheme. Both novels are delightful. (Onegin was made into a movie a year or 2 ago starring Ralph Fiennes.) Enjoy!

David Hertzig said this 19 years, 2 months ago §

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