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Bipolar Web Development

I tweaked my calendar and links over on the right. I don’t really know why, they were just bugging me, I guess. I’ve surely got better things to be doing on a Sunday evening.

I’m learning more and more about CSS and XHTML since we’re working on a project at work that is going with a tableless design. We’ve even made it an internal goal to get our code to validate (XHTML Transistional). So far so good. We’ve solved all the problems we’ve run into. It’s fun learning new stuff, even if it is just new code hacks to add to our normal HTML arsenal.

Every time I read something about the future of web development, I get an initial burst of energy, then after dealing with the short comings of the latest browsers, and learning that you have to know some hack to get things to work just right, I get depressed. Web development is turning me bipolar.

Originally published on Monday March 11, 2002 at 12:25 am

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