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First Anniversary — Portland, Maine

A lighthouse on the rocky shores of MaineFor our first anniversary, Jenny and I decided to take a trip to Maine. We booked a Delta Last Minute Deal over the web on Thursday evening, and at 7:00am Saturday morning we were on a plane to Portland, Maine. The “deal” included two nights at the Sheraton Hotel, and a three day rental car from Avis. The whole thing was way too easy. One submit button and everything was taken care of.

Other than the weather being a little less than perfect, we had a really great time. We ate Lobster, took walks together, took lots of pictures, and most of all, relaxed.

Partially because of the photography class Jenny is taking, we bought a new camera before we left for our trip. In three days, we shot over four rolls of film. It’s been fun learning how the camera works, and trying different effects.

I’ve been super busy ever since we got back. That’s my excuse for not posting anything, plus I knew I wanted to get those photos developed and scanned in.

Originally published on Wednesday July 3, 2002 at 12:21 am

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Just saying Hi, and happy anniversary. Give Jenny my regards. Hope things working out well for you.

I'm busy with stuff in my dads office with some development and administration work.

I gotta tell u, ur site design is great. Simple, elegant, and attractive.

Gotta run. Until next time.

BTW, those pics u posted are great.

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