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Energy at Five in the Morning

I can’t believe I’m still up. I’ve had so much energy in the last 2 or 3 weeks. I know it can’t be healthy for me, but I’d say I’m surviving pretty well on 2-5 hours of sleep per night throughout the week, and then a little longer on the weekends. I’m not resorting to caffine or other stimulants that much.

I just feel really charged up. I actually want to get up and go to work, code, run, climb, play, everything. I’m psyched, and I can’t exactly pin-point what is making me this way. Oh well, I’m young and I’ll take as many moods like this as I can, because someday my body won’t be able to keep up.

Originally published on Friday August 30, 2002 at 5:23 am

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