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Long Overdue Update

This is what I've been doing on Saturdays... I can't remember what happens the rest of the week.

So? What has Aaron been up to the past two months?

Unfortunately, it feels like “not much” since I haven’t been posting to my weblog. Other than some work stuff that isn’t all that interesting, the big thing that I’ve been doing is helping Jen with the stats for the Dixie Heights cross-country team. I talked about that in my last couple posts.

I’m still using my Visor to keep track of all the kids’ race times, but now I’ve also wrote a little program to suck the data into a database, and therefore, I built a nice little XC stats website for the team. Actually, the team doesn’t know about it yet. They will probably find out on Monday.

I’ve learned a lot about Adobe Photoshop in the past month, while working on a freelance project. That was fun. I’ll show everyone my “designs” after the site launches.

I’ve also starting learning a new programing language thanks to Mark Pilgrim’s Dive Into Python site. I need to use it for a small project at work, and it looks interesting enough that I may try some projects of my own with it.

That also reminds me to mention, I’ll probably be moving this site to a new server soon. I’m tired of worrying about it running off of my home computer so I’m going to be sending it to a real “hosting provider”. Right now DreamHost looks like the winner but, I’m not going to jump into anything until I can figure out what to do about my home-rolled blog software (and the xc-stats site). Knowing me, (and I do) it could take months.

The Dragon Pumpkin

Here’s something kinda cool. We carved pumpkins a few nights ago. Tony’s turned out best.

I still play in a co-ed soccer league on Monday nights. I haven’t managed my time well enough to stick to a regular running schedule, but I usually get at least one or two runs in per week. Rock climbing has been temporarily suspended because of too much stuff going on. Jen and I hope to be able to pick it back up right after the xc season ends. Our year pass to the climbing gym is running out quickly.

In the past month I did find time to:

Originally published on Friday October 25, 2002 at 3:52 am

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