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Default Browser : Phoenix 0.5

I’m absolutely positive that I’ve found the ideal browser for me. Phoenix 0.5 was released about a week ago and just last night I decided it was worthy of being my “default browser”. That’s huge.

Phoenix is based on the Mozilla rendering engine, but it doesn’t have all the integrated features, like e-mail, newsgroups, editor and address book. Pheonix is just a web browser. No more, no less.

This may sound a little petty, but two of the biggest points that made me switch to Phoenix instead of Mozilla are two keyboard shortcuts: ALT-D and CTRL-ENTER. Both of those work exactly like IE and since they are the two shortcuts I’ve used most often while browsing for the last few years, it would have been very hard to change.

Phoenix is also fast and very lightweight. No huge download with multiple installation steps. With Phoenix, you download a 6.07mb zip file, extract it, then double click the phoenix.exe and you’re done. No installation necessary. If you want to uninstall phoenix for some reason, you just delete the whole directory.

It may still be a little bit heavy on the techy side, so I can’t say that it’s the browser for everyone. If anyone in my family wants to give it a shot, I’ll gladly answer questions and help out if you get stuck.

Originally published on Saturday December 14, 2002 at 9:15 am

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