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How Lauren Lee Got Us Climbing Again

On Saturday, Jenny and I went Christmas shopping. Actually, we did a little shopping for ourselves too. Somehow, we found ourselves in our favorite store in all of Cincinnati; Benchmark Outfitters.

We bought awesome new headlamps, a replacement part for our campstove, and just as we were checking out we noticed the “Women of Climbing 2003 Calendar”.

Jenny asked me if the girl on the cover looked familiar. She did. It was Lauren Lee, a girl that we had sometimes climbed with at our local gym a few years ago.

It looks like Lauren is doing very well for herself. I did some googling and found out that she is currently 2nd in the PCA standings. I was disappointed when I read how Lauren feels about her climbing beginnings in Cincinnati.

But the climbing gym hardly gripped her. “It was really dirty and the people there were kind of strange.” she said.

That’s our gym she’s talking about. And possibly us.

Needless to say, after 3 months of cross-country and other things taking up our time, Jenny and I went to the gym on Sunday and climbed. We had a blast in that old dirty gym, and we hope to go back much more often through these cold winter months.

Originally published on Monday December 16, 2002 at 2:21 am

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We bought the Calendar before we knew she bashed our beloved gym.

Also: the gym is operating under new ownership and is a little cleaner. :)

aaron said this 18 years, 5 months ago §

I am sorry that you might have gotten your feelings hurt by this statement. My reference here was about the gym before it had changed ownership. I guess my emphasis should have been more on how climbing outdoors has really developed a passion for climbing in me. As far as the comment about people i am talking about the fanaticism i encountered on my first visit into the gym. It was like nothing i had ever experianced before. When you say things sometimes you really don't know that others aren't going to understand exactly what you mean, not to mention some things are taken out of context. Anyhow, i a very fond of my friends from the cincinnati gym that is my roots......

lauren lee said this 17 years ago §

Thanks for the comment Lauren! I know how the news article can make things sound bad when not in context. I enjoy seeing the accomplishments you've made since leaving Cincinnati and I know you were a very nice girl back then. I doubt things have changed with your climbing fame.

Good luck with all your climbing~!

Aaron said this 17 years ago §

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