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A Sci-Fi Author Named Cory Doctorow

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom is a new sci-fi book being simultanous sold (traditionally) and made available online under the relatively new Creative Commons License.

I just saw the story about this today on Slashdot and I might have skipped over it, but then I noticed that the author, Cory Doctorow, is a contributor to the somewhat famous BoingBoing weblog. Combined with the creative licensing my interest was beginning to increase.

Then I read his short story called “0wnz0red” which was also linked in the slashdot post. That was all it took. I now have another book added to my winter reading list.

If you like sci-fi/hacker/cyberpunk books, I highly recommend the short story. We’ll see if I get around to reading his full novel. If I do, and I like it, there’s no doubt that I’ll say something about it here.

Digging a little more revealed that Cory Doctorow is also the Outreach Coordinator for the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), a group that I have been meaning to donate to once I have some other things squared away.

One final note: The Creative Commons has some great license options for the independent content producers of the world. You see where it says copyright down at the bottom of this page? I plan on changing that soon, to a “some rights reserved” and link to (cc).

Originally published on Thursday January 9, 2003 at 11:58 pm

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