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Syndirella convinces me to syndicate

A few days ago a new news aggregator made a splash for windows users. It’s called Syndirella, and right now it is the queen of the ball.

The very same day that I saw a post about Syndirella, I was also emailed and asked if I had a “feed” for twocentsworth.com. Up until that point I saw no need, and quite frankly, didn’t understand what the big deal about RSS feeds were. Now I see the light.

With a news aggregator or news reader as they are sometimes called, you can subscribe to all your favorite sites and quickly tell when something new has been written. A lot of weblogs have feeds ready and waiting for you to subscribe to, but there are also tons of other feeds available for your news-reading pleasure. Including my own.

While writing this post I came across some good links related to the topic of news readers. A list of available readers, minus Syndirella. The Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator for those rabid fans that can’t get enough. (I admit I am looking forward to the 5th book which is scheduled for June 21st delivery.) And last but definitely not least, Dave Winer’s “What is a News Aggregator” from back in October of 2002. I like what Dave had to say about it, and wish that I had seen this way back then:

“Not only am I getting news from professional news organizations, but I am also hearing from people and non-news organizations who make a difference to me. Rarely an hour goes by without something interesting happening, my mind is stimulated, I get new ideas, and of course I share them. It’s all about choice, customization, and communication. No one has the same virtual newspaper as mine, and mine is changing all the time. “

— Dave Winer

Originally published on Thursday January 23, 2003 at 12:54 am

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