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first, some links

Here are a few links that I bookmarked in the past month and wanted to post about. I won’t go into detail, but something about each one of these links said “say something” to me.

Some are old, some are new. Some are techie, some are not. Click them, or don’t.

  1. High-Tech Foosball (a project for our Cyclone table at work? perhaps.)
  2. Solving the problem of micropayments (I used to be really interested in the idea of micropayments, hence this domain name. Have I lost the dream?)
  3. Doctype, Measurements, and Standards-Compliant Mode (I need to read this more carefully when I’ve actually had a nights worth of sleep, it didn’t stick when I tried skimming it going on hour 28 of a coding blitz.)
  4. CSS filters (very handy for re-coding old sites to newer standards)
  5. IBM’s develop rock-solid PHP code (I should read this)
  6. Memory Overload (are we storing too much? antithesis of my archive everything post.)
  7. Pencil Carvings (How?)
  8. SWSXi’s Kickball Kickoff (more on this later)
  9. the silicon underground (looks interesting in a geeky slashdot kinda way)
  10. iWalt.com’s link thing is nice. (I need to build me one of these)
  11. ArgMax (an economics weblog)
  12. guide to .htaccess
  13. valid Movable Type RSS templates

That’s a good start and cleans out many of the floating bookmarks that I wanted to trash after I posted them. Maybe next month I’ll have time to do this right and actually comment on each link I find in a more individualistic manner.

Originally published on Thursday February 20, 2003 at 2:35 am

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