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A Quick Ride Back to Reality

I didn’t finish that last post yesterday because the laptop was running out of juice and Paul and I had decided to jet as soon as the last panel was over. We both felt like getting back to Cincinnati fast.

We drove (actually Paul did ~88% of the driving) from the downtown convention center in Austin to the Clifton area of Cincinnati in 17 hours, 20 minutes. We only stopped for gas and only then did we load up on soda, candy and took bathroom breaks.

I now, once again, haven’t slept in 30+ hours.

The last panel was the “Tomorrow Now” panel with Bruce Sterling and some other guy.

The first thing Bruce said was: “So I guess you’re all wondering if I’m going to invite you all to my house for a party again with free beer?” [pause…] “Hell yeah!, the address is…”

I thought, “damn — that’s what got me interested in this conference in the first place. oh well, i’ve definitetly had my fill from the conference as a whole, so I won’t complain — maybe next year.”

Originally published on Wednesday March 12, 2003 at 2:10 pm

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