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Foosball Flash App

He works hard for a livingI threw myself into some Flash MX coding tonight. It was a much nicer experience than I remember from the Flash 4.0 days in late ‘99.

I remember the pain of using the LoadVariables command and having all sorts of data timing/synchronization problems. Basically it was a huge pain in the butt and I practically gave up on developing any flash apps. Now in Flash MX you can just use the object called LoadVars. Very nice. Here’s a page I found that explained the LoadVars object better than any other.

Flash-DB.com was also helpful when I wanted to learn how to populate a Flash MX combo box component with remote data. And then get the currently selected value.

With this little app hooked up to our modded foos table, we now have a scoring system that logs everything to a database. We can then query for the most games played in a day, the total number of points scored per person*, the best win percentage in various teammate configurations. A whole slew of stats are now at our finger tips. Are we geeky, or what?

*we only know what team scored the point… not which person.

Originally published on Tuesday March 25, 2003 at 3:39 am

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