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Firebird, Thunderbird and a Beta Website

Even a non-designer like myself can appreciate the new look-n-feel of the Mozilla beta-website. I’m told that Dave Shea from CSS Zen Garden fame is the man behind the make-over.

More important than the new look is definitely the update of all three main mozilla projects. Mozilla 1.5, Firebird 0.7, and Thunderbird 0.3 all have new releases.

I’ve been a Firebird/Pheonix user for several months now and I’ve recommended it to others. My mom has even e-mailed me to ask for installation help after she heard me praise it so much. It was after that experience that I realized the thing that might be seriously holding it back from more wide spread use is the lack of a standard windows installer. Looking at the Firebird roadmap, I understand that the installer will happen eventually, but for those that don’t want to wait, you can use the unofficial Firebird installers. Just download the latest milestone release and install like normal.

Oh and about Thunderbird, the mozilla-based standalone email application, I’m using that now too and someday I’ll explain why. For now lets just say that I’m slowly weaning myself from all things Microsoft. Actually, now that I think about it the only Microsoft software that I’m currently running is the OS (Win XP). One last thing. If you’re already using Thunderbird on a windows system and you haven’t heard of Thundertray, then you’re missing out.

Originally published on Thursday October 16, 2003 at 1:08 pm

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