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I spent Sunday night on Baldy Saddle in the Santa Rita mountains. Elevation was somewhere around 8800 feet. I’ve wanted to do a solo backpack trip for years now, but the opportunity never really presented itself until now. The trip went pretty well since I’m obviously alive and still blogging. I didn’t make it the last mile to Wrightson Peak because of some weather concerns I had on Monday morning, but otherwise I had a very good time.

My big news is that today I was offered and accepted a job at a local Tucson outdoor store called Summit Hut. I start right away (less than 9 hours from now), and hopefully I’ll remain employed there during my next few college years. It just might be the perfect job for me, although I admit that it is a little early to make that prediction.

The only other thing I was going to say is that today while my vehicle was in the shop getting an oil change and tire rotation, I went and saw a matinee of “Matrix Revolutions”. I thought it was a better movie than Reloaded and I feel like it completed the trilogy pretty well. Now, I’m just anxious to see the “Return of the King”.

Originally published on Wednesday November 5, 2003 at 10:32 pm

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From a review of the movie THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS that appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer 11/06/03....
"As for the question: What is the Matrix? Perhaps it's nothing more than a hardwired LORD OF THE RINGS for computer and Game Boy enthusiasts. Neo is Frodo, on a classic quest. He's helped by the maternal Oracle (the paternal Gandalf), the wise warrior Morpheus (Aragorn), and Trinity (Sam, without the love interest, of course). He's opposed by the Mr. Smiths (Saruman and his minions). At stake is the salvation of Zion (Middle Earth). Just a thought."

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