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Cleaning out the Tabs

So we are about 4 hours away from getting on a shuttle to the Phoenix airport where we’ll catch a flight to Seattle then jump in a rented Grand Prix and cruise south to the Mt. Rainier area for a few days backpack trip. We also plan on hitting Olympic National Park and some hiking in Vancouver as well as a stop at the Sci-Fi museum and the Seattle Public Library because it just looks so freakin’ cool~!

You won’t hear from me for a little while, but I decided to clean out some of the FireFox tabs before I go so you’ll have plenty of other things to read. :)

Even though I’ll be gone without net access I’d love to get a few new e-mails to fill up the 1GB of space that accompanies a Google GMail account. (copilot at gmail.com) I promise a reply when I get back.

Originally published on Monday June 14, 2004 at 12:29 am

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