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Almost Home

Well… our vacation is coming to an end this Friday. These past few days we’ve been touring the Vancouver, BC area. We’re staying at a nice Holiday Inn with high speed Internet access, so I’m starting to wind-down from the backcountry by catching up on all my blog reading.

Here’s a few preview photos from the trip. Unfortunately, I’ve had some major camera problems on this trip. On our first 3 day backpack trip both batteries ran out within the first day. I obviously didn’t plan that very well. Then I had a major mishap a few days ago when the camera tumbled to the ground and the lens became stuck. I couldn’t do anything with it, but luckily we found a place here in Vancouver that specialized in digital camera repairs. For $85 canadian dollars they repaired it within 7 hours (probably less). I’m very happy about that, but it means that my backup plan of getting a Digital Rebel is a no go. Oh well.




More when we get back on Saturday. Oh yeah and I want to move to Vancouver. This place rocks.

Originally published on Tuesday June 29, 2004 at 10:30 pm

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No, you may not move to Vancouver... ;)

checksix said this 16 years, 11 months ago §

we're thinking of heading up to vancouver for our honeymoon... any suggestions on places to visit?

p auL said this 16 years, 11 months ago §

O.K. It's been darn near a month!, and I'm tired of telling people that you are, indeed, alive and well! Tell us what you and Jenny are doing! Tell us what you're up to! Tell us anything! We want to know!

Leah said this 16 years, 10 months ago §

Okay.. I'm finally coming back from the dead. It took an all night session of reading e-mails/blogs and writing a brief update post, but I did it.

I have to remember to e-mail p auL about those awesome gardens we went to in Vancouver... soon... but now I must sleep.

Aaron said this 16 years, 10 months ago §

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