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Dealership in Tucson

dealership-cover-sm.jpgA few short hours ago I was strumming through the bloglines subscriptions when I skimmed this post on Chris Wetherell’s weblog. The last line was what really got my attention.

“On to Tucson.” hmm?

I hopped over to the dealership website to find out the when and where. Twenty minutes later I’m in the car heading to a little art gallery downtown where I got to be one of a small handful of people enjoying a short set by the indie-pop band. I picked up their latest CD and got to tell the other Chris (the rock star) my story.

I love the connections that can occur with this whole web thing.

Another thing worth noting is the very cool cover art of the “Action/Adventure” CD and the artist respondsible. Adam Strange — check it out.

Originally published on Thursday August 19, 2004 at 1:51 am

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