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Night Life


Frog Design studios of Austin threw a pretty cool party to kick-off the evening events. Later we went to amoda - austin museum of digital arts to check out the electronic mosh of music, video and interactive jams. The most wicked-cool thing I saw was a screen of live video sliced and interspersed with text. The wild part was that it was reactive to the motion of things (people) in the camera’s view. It doesn’t do it justice to describe it here, but trust me, it rocked.

A funny thing about the connectedness of it all was that I saw some guy standing in line at the bar and that had a cool asteriods t-shirt. I made a quick comment about it and asked him what he was doing in Austin. He happened to be the guy with the wicked live video thing and when I got to the hotel I found out that his name is Justin Manor and he’s got a masters from MIT Media Lab where he studied under John Maeda. That’s freakin awesome.

Originally published on Sunday March 13, 2005 at 12:52 am

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With all that wicked cool stuff going on I hope you (and Lance) find time to interface with that lo-tech, but necessary thing called a bed. Hopefully NOT the same one. Other than that soak it all in 'cause I can't wait to hear all about it. Peace, Erin

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